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PanamNav enpowers economy in the XXIst century with a myriad of solutions for space and time authentication.

From mobile payments to banks applications, from new road tolling concepts to cloud services protection, PanamNav is by your side to provide the best service reliability and safety.


Galileo Masters Awards

TIMEWISE is an elegant and effective method and technology to authenticate time references obtained from GNSS systems. TIMEWISE validates GNSS signals by creating a unique US4D “fi ngerprint” of time from the signals received. TIMEWISE provides protection to critical infrastructures and key economic sectors that nowadays rely on GNSS receivers for synchronisation:

  • Banking services
  • Insurance services
  • Telecommunication networks
  • Energy distribution networks
  • Oil pipelines
  • Commodity suppliers (water, gas, etc.)

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In these sectors, an outage can provoke losses of millions of Euros. TIMEWISE is capable of detecting any JSM event (Jamming/Spoofing/Meaconing) in real time, and immediately reporting it to a control centre. The system can trigger mitigation actions and is capable of operating autonomously during an emergency. TIMEWISE has global market potential, as it uses GNSS signals, which cover the entire surface of the planet. TIMEWISE is based on the PanamNav featured PIA concept: PNT, Integrity, and Authentication.

SARA - Signal Authentication through Receiver Autonomous techniques

Signal Authentication through Receiver Autonomous techniques (SARA) exploits information acquired by GNSS receivers to detect fake signals intended to induce a JMS (Jamming/Meaconing/Spoofing) event. SARA is implemented autonomously in the receiver, similar to RAIMS (Receiver Autonomous Integrity Monitoring), which can coexist in the same GNSS receiver. SARA does not require any modifi cation of GNSS signals simply using the available signal information on a best effort basis. SARA relies on the combined analysis of a series of different kinds of observables, namely: a) physical magnitudes (power, spectrum, timing) and b) characteristics intrinsic to the navigation data signal.

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SARA can be integrated in the chipset engine or the application layer of devices, such as smart phones. It improves both the quality of the GNSS user experience, and the overall safety and reliability of GNSS. SARA is an implementation of the PanamNav featured PIA concept, which aims at an integrated GNSS service including PNT, Integrity and Authentication.


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